Wednesday, October 8, 2014

For Exercise Noobs

First of all, I heart Rog Law - I will read anything he writes. You should, too. Not only is he smaht, he's also funny and full of swears. That's all it takes to make me a fan!

This post is for the people who want to get into an exercise habit. If it's you, please read.

If it's not you, read it anyway, and I bet you can think of someone to share it with. I don't mean the coworker who YOU think should get moving, but the person who says to you, "I could never do what you do" in a tone both admiring and despairing.

THOSE are the people that need to read things like this. Please share it with them.

Do Something. Anything.

Do what you like. Yoga, running, weight lifting, break dancing or chasing ducks through the park like a crazy person. In the beginning, it really doesn’t matter.
If you’re new to exercise, pick something and get moving just to get the ball rolling. Remove as much friction as you possibly can between you and starting.
Do you need to have a solid plan when starting out? Not at all. Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good enough for the time being – you’ll learn what you need to along the way, refining your aim as you progress. Plus you’ll likely change course plenty of times as you figure out what’s important to you and what isn’t.
One of my first fitness fails was a run in the middle of winter wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, gym shoes and construction gloves because I just finished watching a Rocky montage. I slipped and bruised my tailbone and I gingerly limped my way back across campus while holding my buttcheeks in shame.

See what I mean? Genius advice, AND it's fun. Go.